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Rialto Patt – white and gold with high sole

Rialto Patt – white and gold with high sole




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Isaac Pedrini Ingrao

I was fascinated by the standard on the shoe, finding it an original idea and paired with a sneaker with contemporary and essential lines. I tried the model and finding them extremely comfortable, I made the purchase! I remain extremely satisfied!

Rosemary Wilmot

I have 2 pairs of these wonderful Lion Trainers I love them. They are sooo comfortable. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have just come back from Venice and the water taxi owner recognized them and knows the shop well we got wonderful service!!

Massimo Bortolato

Excellent product that I recommend both for quality and for Comfort. Always Forward All 💪💪💪🦁🦁🦁


My lady said they are comfortable and she wants another pair😅👍

Giampaolo D'Este

Excellent products both aesthetically and in quality!! Highly recommended to everyone


Hi, I found the shoes very comfortable. They have accompanied me on my holidays in the Canaries and I have found them comfortable on all excursions. waiting for the new models 🤗

Michielon Luca

Shoes of excellent quality and very comfortable. I will purchase again!

Vivian Monica

Excellent products, quality and entirely made in Venice, very professional and welcoming. I highly recommend!


I ordered shoes customized with the Venice symbol. Ergonomic. Elegant. Beautiful. I used them a lot in Cyprus. In different temperatures. These shoes are always comfortable. Thanks to the natural materials. I am very satisfied with these shoes. Thank you Master Segalin

Alexander Dami

Very comfortable shoes with very fine and soft materials. Shoes that I recommend to everyone.

Matthew Gotthard

Impeccable service, very courteous, very kind, high quality footwear !! I am delighted and highly recommend it


Great creativity and above all great quality


First of all they reflect Venice and the heart of the Venetian, as far as the shoe is concerned, it is fantastic, you have to try it to feel the comfort.

Luciano Boscolo

Veneto is who Veneto does. This sentence is perfectly suited to this Company, which has fully embraced Our Venetian Culture of Making, I was told that the design and processing of materials all come from Our extraordinary working capacity. I bought the first number 47 made to measure of a white sneaker. I can't part with it anymore

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Decoration trivia


“The pattern that decorates these sneakers is not a simple aesthetic choice, each of its graphic elements is a reference to Venice. The center of the decoration takes up the contours of the windows of the bridge of sighs, and the lines that frame it are a stylization of the emblematic iron of the gondola, also known as "Dolfin". Finally, the connecting element is an architectural element visible on the Doge's Palace. ”

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